Debt Advice - Most Important Questions and Answers


An ideal debt management strategy is crucial in ensuring that you maintain a good credit score and that you have an improved personal debt load. There are a number of questions that you need to ask yourself with regards to debt management to assist you make the right decisions that will have a positive impact on your finances and life in general. Some of the most important questions include:

What is debt review?

Knowing the amount of your debt is essential in helping you know the best strategy to help you settle them. A debt review is the process through which your debt counselor assesses the outstanding debts of the client. They counselor acts on behalf of the client and consults the credit provider and helps the client establish a monthly payment plan that is affordable and effective in clearing the outstanding debt. In coming up with the plan, both the living expenses and the earnings are considered.

If a debtor I co-signed for fails to pay, what are the impacts on my credit score?

If you co-sign for an individual when they take a loan, you are held as liable by the lender just as they are. If the lender fails to pay, this is likely to have a negative impact on your credit score as the lender has the right to pursue you or your property to settle the debt. If you would like to avoid such unfortunate turn of events, it would be wise to make payments for the debt.

I have several loans for different lenders, which makes paying all of them challenging, which is the best course of action?

If you have multiple loans from multiple lenders and you are facing a difficulty keeping track of them or paying them, one of the things you can do is to apply for a consolidation loan. This is a loan that combines all your prior loans and debts into a single debt with only one interest rate. You thereafter make payments to one lender, the one that offers the consolidation loan. For most lenders, consistent payment is often enough to qualify you for a consolidation loan. You may however be required to provide an asset such as a home or a car.

Between a debt review and debt consolidation, which is better?

To quite a number of people, a debt review tends to be better than a consolidation loan. This is due to the fact that in debt consolidation, it is challenging to get a credit provider who will offer money at a reasonable interest rate to clients that have missed previous debt payments or have legal action implicated against them.

How fast do I need to settle my debt?

The duration with which you need to settle your debt is determined by several factors. One is the time you and the lender agreed upon. Going over this time is breach of contract and may lead to legal action against you. Another factor that determines the speed with which to pay your debt is the interest. The longer you pay, the higher the interest costs. Speeding the payments keeps the interests at a minimum.

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